“Alas the day
First gave me birth, and (which is strange to tell)
The fate e’er since, as watching it’s return,
Have caught it as it flew, and marked it deep with
Something great; extremes of good or ill.”


An old legend tells us that one wearing the jewel of the month in which he was born will be protected against misfortune, the jewel acting as a talisman.

By those who in this month are born
No gem save garnet should be worn;
They will ensure you constancy,
True friendship and fidelity.

The February born will find
Sincerity and peace of mind-
Freedom from passion and from care
If they the amethyst will wear.

Who on this world of ours their eyes
In March first open shall be wise,
In days of peril firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to their grave.

Those who in April date their years
Diamonds should wear, lest bitter tears,
for vain repentance flow, this
Stone emblem of innocence is known

Who first beholds the light of day
In springs sweet flowery month of
May, and wears an emerald all their
Life shall have a loved and happy life.

who comes with summer to this
earth and owes to June their day
of birth, with ring of agate on
Their hand, can health, wealth,
And peace command.

The glowing ruby should adorn
Those who in warm July are born;
Thus will they be exempt and free
From loves doubts and anxiety.

Wear a moonstone or for thee
No conjugal felicity;
The August born with out this
Stone, tis said must live unloved alone.

Those born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in Septembers breeze
A sapphire on their brow should bind,
T’will cure diseases of the mind.

October's child is born for woe,
and life’s vicissitudes must know
but lay an opal on their breast,
And hope will lull the woes to rest.

Who first comes to this world below
With dull Novembers fog and snow,
Should prize the topaz amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.

if cold December gave you birth,
the month of snow and ice and
mirth, Place on your hand a
Turquoise blue-success will bless
You if you do.

The Horoscope in Verse
by Month

“With equal pace, impartial fate, Knocks at the palace and the cottage gate.” -Horace

Gentle and sweet, blithe and merry,
The child who is born in January.

True of heart tho’ a trifle contrary,
The child who comes in February.

Brave as a lion, droll and arch,
The boy or girl who is born in March.

Fragile and sweet as the bright spring flowers,
The child who comes during April showers.

Dainty, smiling and fresh alway,
Is the dear little bud that blooms in May.

Sweet of face and with soul atune,
The dimpled darling who comes in June.

A loving nature, fair and shy,
Is the babe who is born in hot July.

Sure of success in each good work begun,
Is the child first kissed by the August sun.

A heart full of love, a face to remember,
Has the boy or girl who is born in September.

A studious brain, wi’ a face that is sober,
Is the wise little one who arrives in October.

In spite of skies that are chilly and gray,
November's child is merry and gay.

Full of grace and blessed above all,
The child whose birth in December doth fall.

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