Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey
On the farm our Great Bronze Turkeys are called the Lords of the Barnyard, as on any given day they will puff up their regal feathers, and strut the length of the lane. All of this pageantry for those of us who are of a lower species and are given the opportunity to admire their royal presence.

The markings of the Bronze Turkey resemble those of the wild eastern turkey, although the white marking in the tail is believed to have come from the original Mexican stock. Part of the Bronze's popularity comes from its similarity to the attractive wild bird. The Bronze was known as a docile bird that was easier to handle then the European whites.

The head and throat waddles of the Bronze are a rich red that can change to a bluish white. The neck colors are a light metallic bronze, and the beard is black. The body, wings, and tail combine beautiful barring with brown, black, and rich and brilliant, shimmering green-bronze. The beak is light at the tip to dark at the base. The shanks and toes are very dark in young birds but become pinkish in the adults.

The color of the female is similar to the male, with edgings of white on the feathers.

The Bronze Turkey is the bird that all of us here in America think of as our Thanksgiving symbol, but it is critically endangered. It would be wonderful if more flocks were kept on historic farm sights so that Americans could become more familiar with their Traditional bird.

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