Tour the Farm - Part Four

At the southernmost point of the lane stands the sheep shire, home of our Shetland sheep. It is here in the early hours of spring our ewes give birth to those precious bundles of wool, our lambs, safe and warm in the confines of their jugs.

As you look straight ahead, the large structure in front of you took three generations to build. This is our Cathedral for our creatures both great and small. The center barn was built by Elling Tostenson in 1876, the north barn was built by Henry Tostenson in 1924, and the stable was built by William Tostenson in 1948.

All three connecting buildings were renovated by Richard and Dwight Tostenson between the years of 2002-2005. The center barn currently serves as the Pig Sty, the North barn the Piggery, Cattle Fjord and separating room. The south barn serves as the stable for our gentle giants of the farm, the Clydesdales.

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