Tour the Farm - Part One

As you turn down the gravel road just outside of Norseland, on old Rural Route 2, you will soon arrive at the Tostenson Brothers Farm. Our farm has been in our family since 1854, years before our state became our state, a time when territorial railroad land was being settled by immigrants from around the world. It's a place where the prairie meets the woods, a place that has been loved and cared for by our family for over 150 years.

When you turn into our lane, to your left is the old wooden Queen Ann style Victorian farm house that our great-great grandfather Elling Tostenson built in 1894. It was built by immigrant Norwegian craftsmen, with its wrap around porches and intricate woodwork depicting the late-Victorian era of its time. This is the third structure built to house our family. The colors are the old Studebaker wagon company's colors. Elling brought them to the farm when he left Stoughton, Wisconsin to settle here. The foundation is built of large field stone taken from our fields, and old brick from the second structure that was built in 1863.

If you look to the peak of the roof you will notice a rising or setting sun. Elling put the sun on both the north and south sides of the house, having survived the Sioux uprising of 1863, where his neighbors were less fortunate. He placed the sun there because he had heard the Sioux had great respect for the symbol, and he wanted to protect his home should another war break out.

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