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HISTORIC NEW ULM - This historic small town is a wonderful day trip from the farm, known as the city of charm and tradition. It is nestled in the Minnesota River Valley, and was founded by German immigrants in 1852.

WAR MEMORIAL - New Ulm was nearly overrun in the Indian war of 1862. The city survived two sieges in August of that year. Some of the buildings still stand along Minnesota Street, places where residents and settlers took refuge during those harrowing days.

In 1870 the city survived another disaster - grasshoppers. The grasshoppers brought the entire city almost to the point of starvation.

THE LIND HOUSE - With the election of John Lind from New Ulm as our state's 14th Governor in 1899, came important cultural, social and political influence. The city grew, bringing in new forms of education, music and entertainment.

BEAUTIFUL GERMAN STREET - The German heritage of New Ulm is most evident by German Park and the Victorian German Architecture along German Street.

HERMANN MONUMENT - This beautiful bronze monument was erected in 1897 and was built in the memory of an ancient Teutonic hero, Hermann of the Cherusci. Hermann is honored as the liberator of Germany from Rome in 9 A.D., and the father of Germanic independence. The 102 foot tall monument is second only to the taller copper sheathed Statue of Liberty and towers over the city of New Ulm. The monument was designed by architect Julius Berndt, dedicated in 1887, and was refurbished in 1999. The statue it self was refurbished in 2004.

GERMAN PARK - One of New Ulm's finest parks, the park has a large open air pavilion and an angel water fountain surrounded by formal gardens and a pergola. A beautiful place to picnic.

AUGUST SCHELL BREWERY - Founded in 1860, the Schell Brewing Company has emerged as the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States. Schell's has gained international recognition for its old-world craftsmanship and pride in producing some of the finest beer in the world.

GERMAN-BOHEMIAN MONUMENT - This bronze monument was dedicated in 1991 to commemorate the immigrants who came to New Ulm from the German speaking western rim of Bohemia.

Minneopa The Alexander Harkin Store

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