The Language of Flowers

“Gather a wreath from the garden-bowers, And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers.”

Flowers and Their Sentiments

Almond: Hope
Alyssum: Worth beyond beauty
Anemone: Expectation
Apple-Blossom: Preference
Bachelors Button: Hope in Love
Balsam: Impatience
Bell Flower: Gratitude
Bramble: Envy
Buttercup: Riches
Calla Lilly: Feminine beauty
Carnation yellow: Disdain
Cedar: I live for thee
Chrysanthemum yellow: Slighted love
Clover red: Industry
Columbine: Folly
Cowslip: Pensiveness
Daffodil: Chivalry
Dahlia: Forever thine
Daisy white: Innocence
Dandelion: Coquetry
Evergreen: Poverty
Forget-me-not: True love
Geranium: Recall
Heliotrope: Devotion
Horse Chestnut: Luxury
Honeysuckle: Bond of love
Hyacinth blue: Constancy
Ivy: Friendship
Lady’s Slipper: Capricious beauty
Larkspur: Fickleness
Laurel: Glory

Lilac: First emotion of love
Lily: Purity
Magnolia: Peerless and proud
Marigold: Jealousy
Mignonette: Charmed
Mint: Virtue
Mistletoe: I surmount all difficulties
Narcissus: Egotism
Night blooming Cereus: Transient beauty
Olive branch: Peace
Orange: Generosity
Orange Flower: Chastity
Orchid: Beauty
Pea Sweet: Departure
Peach Blossom: This heart is thine
Peony: Anger
Pink white: You are fair
Poppy: Consolation of sleep
Rose Moss: Superior merit
Rose bridal: Happy love
Snowball: Thoughts of haven
Star of Bethlehem: Reconciliation
Sunflower: Pride
Sweet William: Finesse
Thorn Apple: Deceitful Charms
Tulip: Declaration of love
Verbena: Sensibility
Violet: Love
Weeping Willow: Forsaken

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