Yuletide with the Tostensons
First three weekends in December

Please call for reservations as space and times are limited.

Nothing reminds us more of Christmas than the old traditions, celebrated over a century ago in the homes of our great-grandparents in rural America.

Come enjoy the season in our turn-of-the-century farm house, where you will be greeted with the cheerful sound of carols being played on the pump organ, the smell of wassail simmering on the stove, and the sweet taste of gingerbread waiting to be eaten. Visit our home which is festooned with garland and mouth blown glass ornaments. Listen to the old Christmas stories in the Library or join in the singing of carols in the parlor. Victorian Kissing balls will made in the shop and end your visit with a cold, exhilarating horse drawn ride in the country. And don't forget, "Bring Warm Clothes."

Spring Time in the Country
First two weekends in May

Please call for reservations as space and times are limited.

As the cool breezes and gentle rains open the purple buds of the lilacs and the pastures turn a verdant green, spring is heralded onto the farm.

This is the season of new beginnings. Join our family as we greet the new fauna and fowl, both great and small. Tour the sheep shire where expectant mothers and newborn lambs are safe in their jugs. Then to the brooder house, to hear the peeps of baby chicks and turkeys in the warm pine chipped brooder.

Last, a horse drawn ride out to the pasture to see if the expectant calves have arrived. Before you leave, stop in the shop and build a simple bird house for your garden at home, or stop in at the separating room and churn some home made butter to take home. Enjoy home made cookies and warm cider - after all, it's time to celebrate spring.

Lazy Days of Summer
June thru August by appointment

Please call for reservations as space and times are limited.

The sweet smell of freshly mown hay lingers in the hot afternoon sun. All the fauna find cool, shady spots among the majesty of Cottonwoods and the dragon flies and butterflies alike dance in the color splashed flower gardens, enjoying the lazy days of summer.

With summer, the rhythm of the farm slows to keep pace with the long and beautiful days before harvest. Come and watch with us as the Shetland sheep begin to wean their young, the small and once fragile Orpington chicks and Great Bronze Turkeys begin to grow and reach maturity and grand mass, and the cattle leisurely bask in the sun and breeze of the pasture. Visit the great Berkshire Pigs and their little wieners as they squeal with the joy of life. And on the home place the 10 gallon crock is chilled with homemade lemonade to quench your thirst, old fashioned ice cream is being turned in the orchard and stories of the past are being spun on the front porch. Make wooden swords in the shop for summer adventures and duel in the hay mow as your grandparents once did or take an old fashioned horse drawn hay ride to the woods. Yes you are welcome to come and remember the "Good old summertime."

Please call for reservations as space and times are limited.

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