Tostenson Brothers Sesquicentennial Farm
Since 1854
"In the heart of the Minnesota River Valley"
Dear Family and Friends:

Welcome to our farm, a place we call "The Home Place."

We are nestled on the quiet, fertile wind-swept prairies of Minnesota, just above the rolling valleys of the great Minnesota River.

You will find us a few minutes from historic St. Peter, where some our State's most colorful founders lived and settled that which was once a robust, adventurous frontier.

It was here on this prairie in 1854 that a young Norwegian immigrant by the name of Elling Emmanuel Tostenson came to harness and tame the land, a land which he learned to love and appreciate. It was here in the virgin-tilled soil of the great grass prairie that he carefully laid the first fragile roots of our family, who have toiled, cultivated, and loved this place for the past one hundred and fifty years.

With that brief introduction, we invite you to come and visit and share in our joys, our trials, and our new adventures. We hope our farm will soon become a place you too can feel at home, among the orchard, the fields, the fowl and the fauna.

Richard E. & Dwight H. Tostenson
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